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Wandering Boundless and Free- A Visual Trajectory

Doris Sung

April 21 – May 4, 2004 The Art Gallery of York University




Wandering Boundless and Free – A Visual Trajectory is an exhibition composed of paintings, installation and video projection. Based on the idea of transformation in the ancient Chinese philosophy Daoism, Sung explores the concept of impermanence in the relationship between humanity and nature. In Daoism, the mutual dependency of all things leads to the deconstruction of the binary opposites of subject and object, it thus conveys the elimination of hierarchies and the privileging of one position over another. Daoism propagates the collapse of the human-centric worldview.

Using light fabric, xuan paper, translucent mediums and Chinese ink painting and calligraphy techniques, Sung builds up layers of luminous surfaces on the paintings that allude to the transient world. The paintings, together with an installation that involves a video projection and alteration of the gallery’s physical space, Sung creates a visual and physical continuum in which viewers can glide through and traverse. The exhibition invites the viewers to experience the freedom of Dao.