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Round and Round the Beginning

Round and Round the Beginning . . . is a series of work playfully looking at the simplicity of folk fertility symbols and the seemingly complex world of genetic science. Going back to my love of traditional Chinese culture, I found interesting ideas in folk arts that suggest multiplicity, mutation, and mingling of species. Folk artists often express in their work the belief that every living species is inseparable and their connection contributes to the well being of human, hence affecting fertility and multiplicity of our own kind. In today’s genetic science, the ideas behind the technology of cloning, genetic alteration and manipulation of living organism has striking similarities to those suggested in folk symbolism. Even though, the purposes behind are much more complex and involve far more issues than the simple wish of prolonging life.

This series of work is characterized by the technique of layering of images on translucent xuan paper. The effect mimics the microscopic view of organism often seen in science book illustrations. The works are in the dimensions of traditional Chinese scroll painting. The elongated proportion is a compressed meditative space on which the imaginative creatures unraveled.