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According to ancient Chinese philosophy, every existence is made up of the five elements (wu xing): water, wood, fire, earth and metal that are in perpetual states of change. To maintain a healthy state, the forces of each of these elements has to be in perfect balance.

Having been through pregnancy, childbirth and watching the growth of my son in the past two years, I start to feel deeply how strong yet how fragile human beings could be. We are in constant states of change. Opposite forces give rise and work against one another. The relationship between human existence and the overall being of the universe is inseparable.

The series of mixed media painting "Forcing" is a reflection on these thoughts.

Rock and egg are metaphors for strength and weakness. However, the relationship between these two opposite nature of things is not absolute. In my paintings, the egg is being placed in a delicate position between the rocks, yet the egg stays intact due to the transformation of energy by the perfect design of the eggshell. Human DNA, cells, fetuses are all formed in tune or against different forces of nature.

The physical manipulation of the painting’s material is another reflection about elemental cycles. All the material on the painting has been transformed by the force of other elements. The delicate wood pattern is the result of forceful attack by metal tool. The once flexible rice paper was bonded by water and became an integral part of the painting’s hard surface. Massive mineral has been turned into powdery pigment and dissolved into water . . . the cycles never end.